Sky to offer pay as you go content online

sky-logo.jpgAs a Virgin Digital user I can honestly say I’m still scarred and can vividly remember how Lost was cruelly snatched from right underneath my nose during the Sky/Virgin spat. So needless to say, the news of an online Sky subscription service is music to my ears (I’ve been really missing my daily double dose of the Simpsons). The news is that Sky is to launch a premium content service that’ll allow people to pay and watch Sky’s content on the internet. And here’s the best bit – you don’t need to be a subscriber to its satellite service either.

The Sky Player is currently open to those who subscribe, offering a limited free service, but BSkyB has said this will be opened up to everyone who wants a piece of the Sky pie “in the next few months”.

This looks like Sky’s attempt to keep up with people’s changing viewing habits, the Youtube generation and the demand for online content. Channel proposition, launch date and price details are being finalised, but Sky has said the service will offer key Sky Channels and additional channels from other broadcasters. It is thought a number of packages will be on offer too, to provide as much flexibility and of course, top notch customer satisfaction as possible.

[via Tech Radar]

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Lucy Hedges