Children view violent online content in Primary School, Tesla’s sub-£25K EV to enter production

Children first see violent online content while still at primary school and describe it as an inevitable part of being online, according to new research commissioned by Ofcom. All children who took part in the research came across violent content online, mostly via social media, video-sharing and messaging sites and apps. Many say this is before they have reached the minimum age requirement to use these services. The children Ofcom spoke to commonly encounter violent 18+ gaming content, verbal discrimination and fighting content. Tech Digest 

AI chatbots are more likely to recommend the death penalty when a person writes in African American English (AAE) compared to standardised American English, according to new research.  AI was also more likely to match AAE speakers with less prestigious jobs. African American English is generally spoken by black Americans and Canadians. The paper, which has not been peer reviewed yet, studied covert racism in AI by looking at how the models responded to different dialects of English. Sky News 

Tesla’s long-awaited entry-level electric car is finally set to enter production next year, giving the firm a foothold in the increasingly competitive sub-£25k sector. The ‘Model 2’, as it is known, has been on the cards for years. Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed development was under way as long ago as 2020. Being developed under the codename ‘Project Redwood’, the secretive new model has a crucial role to play in helping Tesla defend its hard-won position among the world’s leading electric car manufacturers. Autocar 

Asus’ latest flagship is the Zenfone 11 Ultra.
For lovers of small phones, this represents one of the stalwart small-phone manufacturers abandoning you. I’m sorry. The Zenfone 10 was a unique little 5.9-inch powerhouse, but the Zenfone 11 is just another big Android phone with the same 6.78-inch display as everyone else. Big displays are expensive, so of course, the price is bigger, too: $899 instead of the $699 price of the smaller phone. The whole phone looks a lot more generic than last year. Instead of the two big camera circles of the Zenfone 10, the back now has a square camera block that looks like every other phone. Ars Technica 

Google’s next I/O developer conference will kick off exactly two months from now on May 14th. Just like last year, the I/O 2024 keynote will be “broadcast in front of a limited live audience” and available for anyone to watch virtually. This year’s I/O will likely focus on AI, especially now that Google released its new flagship AI model, Gemini, and its smaller version, Gemma. The Gemini bot’s image generator caused a controversy that Google CEO Sundar Pichai called “completely unacceptable” after its attempt at creating pictures showing diversity had some unintended consequences. The Verge 

The judge overseeing a legal battle about who invented Bitcoin has ruled that it is not Australian computer scientist Craig Wright. The question had been examined in a five-week trial at the High Court. The judge, Mr Justice Mellor, made his ruling as soon as the proceedings had concluded. He had been expected to retire to consider the case but said he was able to reach a decision so quickly because the “evidence was overwhelming”. Bitcoin is the world’s best-known cryptocurrency – and has recently captured the headlines after surging to a new record high valuation. BBC

Chris Price