Adding A Touch Of Class To Each Outfit

Looking good is feeling good, but there are multiple ways to look good in the first place. So, as most people say, fashion is there to have fun with rather than thinking it’s some kind of super-serious art you must perfect in order to be worthwhile. After all, would the most innovative fashion designers be able to come up with so many out-there concepts and visionary designs without a sense of fun and experimentation? Certainly not.

Yet sometimes, the ‘fun’ in fashion doesn’t have to be too irreverent, it can be sincere, and nice, and sharp, and cool. Adding a touch of class to each outfit, for instance, celebrates what fashion is while also showing a beautiful touch of that ‘something more.’ In this post, we’ll show you how you can upgrade your outfits in this way, and sometimes, how class can be the orbiting principles that you define the rest of your fashion purchases around. 

You might not dress classy every single day, but when you do, it’s nice knowing you’ve knocked it out of the park:

Beautiful Footwear

Beautiful footwear can work wonders in how gorgeous and confident you feel, as they also serve as accessories in a sense, but those you can select without totally having to define the overall style of your outfit. For instance, DuoBoots Knee High Boots are not only stunning, but supremely comfortably, adding a beautiful touch of femininity to an outfit. But as they can be quite neutral yet well-designed in tone, they don’t have to overpower an outfit, giving you the confidence to build up from there.

Properly Aligned Accessories

How you wear accessories will say a lot about you, because people do notice what you’re wearing. For instance, consider the wearing of rings. Having five on one hand and none on the other could be considered fine (and it is if you like to wear it that way, there are no ‘rules’ here), but it can look a little one-sided. 

Balancing your metals, including the density, the colors and where you place them could be much more helpful. This tasteful application of less is more can often work wonders in how you come across. For instance, if you’re wearing full-length dangly earrings with wow-factor, it can be helpful to wear less of a statement piece on your hand. Remember though – this is just a warm guide. You wear whatever helps you express yourself best.

A Centrepiece

A warm centrepiece can work wonders for any outfit. This might be a large necklace. Or, it might be something a little bit different, like a bow tie, or nice cufflinks, a pocket square, or a cravate. 

Your centrepiece may be a gorgeous watch, or it might be a hair accessory you can use to celebrate a given event (such as the beautiful hats that women traditionally wear to the horse races). A beautiful centrepiece can combine an outfit around one theme, which allows for the sense of tasteful class to be applied.

In this post, we hope you can add a touch of class to each outfit.