White Fat: Why Bother Working Out In The Winter?

The deceptive thing about winter is that it can feel a lot colder than your weather app says it is. This is because there’s a lot of wind and rain, making the atmosphere feel so much bitter and crisp than it really is. So you may wonder why on earth would you want to workout in this type of horrid weather right? Well, there’s a good reason. White fat gets burned! White fat is the thicker underlayer of fat which is what your body uses for its heating and base energy needs. It’s the yellow fat that gets burned most of the time, leading to your body not losing as much weight as you’d like from your normal workouts. In the winter, this all changes!

Running is all you need

You don’t need to go to the gym to lose weight, just running around the block in winter would be brilliant, for losing that stubborn fat. Why? Well, running is second to swimming only, when it comes to losing weight. Every muscle in the body is used pretty much. This allows for the ‘engine’ of the body to fire on all cylinders. The core of your body will be forced into action. Have you ever felt like your body was crumpling forward while running? Yeah, your core is being tested. But if you can stay upright and run at the same time, such as pushing your hips forward and your shoulders and neck back, you will be able to strengthen your core as you run. Evidently, your belly fat as well as hip fat gets shredded.


The clothing

One of the main reasons why winter workouts are the stuff of nightmares for many of us is our poor clothing choice. You cannot just put on layers and workout. This causes artificial warmth if we can say that. In other words, your body isn’t warm but it feels like you are. Your skin might be hot but your core body temperature is not. So you should wear the following:

  • Knee-high socks for running. You can get these from most athletic brands. 
  • A cotton beanie. This will keep your head warm but not too hot.
  • Windproof running jacket. The benefits are obvious. You can push through even when the wind is against you.
  • Long sleeve underlayer. This is a base layer you need to keep warm at all.
  • Running trousers. Some say running tights are good, but we have found that it’s not always the best for everyone.

Vitamin D

During the winter, there is plenty of sunshine outside, despite it being chilly. So you will get the vital vitamin D your skin needs to remain strong and healthy. However, vitamin D is also known to have great beneficial qualities to your mental health. Human beings need to be outside for about 30 minutes a day to get the right amount of vitamin D. Our mental health is improved because we intake fresh air, we observe the sky and the landscape, giving us a sense of grounding and we also get to see different sights. Much like dogs need to sniff everything to understand the world around them, we need to see lots of things about our world to feel attached to it. So get out of your bedroom and run!

Burning fat

We’ve already spoken about burning white fat, but winter workouts also, supercharge your metabolism. So if you are taking a great fat burner such as the Shredded-AF series, you will be feeling more of its benefits now. Your body will crave more energy and thus your fat burner will be more effective at all times of the day and night. Usually, your metabolism starts to slow down during the night, but not so in winter. Your body will need about 250 calories more in winter, just to keep warm. If you are working out, you may need more as you don’t want to lose weight too fast. During the winter, our bodies will respond to foods that help us burn fat. Fruits and vegetables will have their nutrients and minerals more effectively. 

We know that working out in the winter is a chore. But if you buy the correct clothing items, you will feel more protected from the wind, rain and cold. If you use fat burners, you’ll find they are way more effective right now, so working out in winter might just give you that summer body you want way ahead of time.