Sleepy Brits take 1.5 hours to wake up each day!

It takes sleepy Brits an hour-and-a-half to fully wake up each day, according to research.

A study of 2,000 adults found that while 7:14am is the average time to get out of bed, it’s not until 8:44am that they’re ready to seize the day.

And less than half of those polled would describe themselves as a ‘morning person’, with 45 per cent admitting they find it difficult to wake up.

Even on the weekends, it still takes an average of an hour and 17 minutes to wake up. As a result, three in 10 turn to coffee, while a fifth wash their face with cold water and one in 10 go for a walk in a bid to feel more awake.

Brushing their teeth, watching TV and scrolling through social media are other popular ways people attempt to wake up.

The study, commissioned by Lyons Coffee, also found a third feel they are on ‘autopilot’ most mornings and 22 per cent often need help to ‘kick start’ the day.

Kirsty Pavely, from Lyons Coffee, said:

“It’s interesting to see the different ways the nation tries to wake up each day, from exercise and coffee to social media and bright lights.

“With lives getting busier and busier it’s clear everyone needs a pick me up in the morning to get them up and going.

“We want to encourage that ‘let’s get lively’ feeling when you wake up in the morning, giving people the energy needed to seize each day.

“We’re a nation of coffee and tea drinkers, but you don’t have to break the bank to get that morning buzz.”

The research also found nine in 10 adults drink hot drinks, with an average of four being consumed each day – although 29 per cent have up to six.

Half of those admitted they ‘rely’ on the beverages for a burst of energy throughout the day. And more than a fifth believe what they eat and drink has an effect on how alert they are.

The first hot drink is consumed at 8:35am on the average day – 10 minutes before Brits feel fully awake.

Adults then need a ‘pick me up’ at three different times each day before feeling their most tired at 4:34pm. Typically, Monday is the most difficult day to wake up on, after getting an average of just six hours sleep.

But more than half said bright, sunny weather encourages them to get up and going on a morning, while a quarter said a caffeinated drink helps.

And 52 per cent have more energy when they wake up without an alarm, something they do an average of four times a week.

This led to a third of those polled via OnePoll admitting they would like to have more of a ‘lively’ attitude in the morning.

Top 15 ways Brits try to wake themselves up:

1. Drink tea/coffee
2. Brush their teeth
3. Take a shower
4. Wash their face with cold water
5. Turn the lights on in a room
6. Drink a glass of water
7. Watch TV
8. Scroll through social media
9. Go for a morning walk
10. Listen to loud music
11. Do yoga / stretches
12. Go for a run
13. Go to the gym
14. Read a book
15. Eat sugary food

Chris Price