Three Top Tips For Moving Abroad

Are you planning on making a big change by moving abroad? Perhaps you’re moving for work, retirement, or just an adventure.

Making such a big move and adapting to life in a new country can be one of the most exciting challenges in life. There are many positives to such a big move, and many lessons to learn through uprooting and becoming an ex-pat, but there are also many obstacles that are likely to come up.

You might face problems acclimatizing to a different way of life, understanding a new different healthcare system, learning a new language, or working out how to register for utilities. As with many big moves, the key to succeeding is in good preparation. 

Have A Safety Net

Make sure you start saving ahead of your move, so you have a fall-back option if anything should go wrong. Aim to have at least two months of your expected outgoing expenses saved up as a safety net before you go.

This money should not be touched unless something goes wrong and you need it to pay the bills. This money gives you a buffer in case you need to rethink, change, or adapt to your new situation. If your job falls through, or unexpected costs arise, you’ll be grateful for these savings. Your safety net should also include immigration solicitors, who will be able to help you do everything smoothly and legally. 

Try To Stay Flexible

If you’re in the process of applying for a visa for moving to a new country, try to remember that there can be delays. If you can, stay as flexible as possible so delays won’t derail your plans. During the process, don’t give up your old job until you have received your visa, just in case a delay has to postpone the move.

You don’t want to be stuck unable to move and start a new job after you’ve already handed in your notice, with extra costs piling up. Prepare for costs related to paperwork, medical examinations, embassy interviews, and travel. 

Consider Renting A Property Before You Buy

If you don’t want to commit to buying property straight away, it is a great option to rent on a short-term basis. Spending a few months renting in an area will give you a good idea about what the community is like, and whether everything you need is nearby, such as medical providers, local shops, or good schools. 

Look for rental agency websites and local classified sites to start the search for a place to live before you get to your new country. It can be difficult to find nice rental housing in some countries if you don’t already have a salary, so be prepared for this problem.

Some agencies will ask to see proof of three months’ salary to make sure you can actually afford the rent. If you’re moving for work, your new employer should be able to assist you with your relocation and help you overcome problems like this. 

Chris Price