Fancy Something New After Lockdown? Here’s Some Great Ideas

Photo by
Jill Wellington from Pexels

COVID-19 has put the world in lockdown. Many of us have had to stay at home, and we aren’t able to work or do our favourite things. This has resulted in a lot of people taking up a new form of exercise – don’t try to buy a bicycle in the UK at the moment, they have all sold out! As the world starts making moves to come out of lockdown, how do we want our lives to look like when we emerge the other side? 

Sometimes a crisis is just what we need to make positive changes in our lives. It can be a moment to stop and take stock. While a lot of people will slip back into their routine within a few days of the pandemic being over, some will move forward and change their lives in incredible ways. 

If work has been getting you down for a while, then this lockdown might have given you time to think. Have you got too much pressure on your shoulders? Maybe you aren’t passionate about what you do anymore, and you want something more rewarding. Use this time to think about your future because if you have lost your job due to the pandemic then really, you could do anything you like. Maybe one of your hobbies could become a career, and you could train as an instructor or start your own catering company. Whatever you choose, make sure you research it and make a solid plan. You have the time! So use it.

Perhaps you have always wanted to travel to a specific destination but could never find the time. Now, sitting in lockdown being told you cannot travel – all you want to do is go to this place. Sit down and work out if it is viable to book that holiday of a lifetime next year. Or maybe make a two-year plan. While it may not seem possible today, the world keeps turning, and you will be heading off on a new adventure soon. 

Many of us have started new exercise routines since lockdown began. With only an hour allowed for exercise the number of joggers, MTB riders and outdoor gym bunnies have risen massively. Take this momentum and push it through when the lockdown is lifted. If you have enjoyed riding your bike, then find some local riding groups and head out with them once we can integrate with society again. Perhaps you have been building your strength and think climbing could be fun. There are lots of climbing centres around the UK, so why not head out after lockdown is lifted and see if you could find a new passion. Stick with your new routine and carry it through, make it your new normal and you will improve your physical and mental health too! 

Use this crisis to start a new chapter in your life. Turn something hard into something positive because one day, all this will be a distant memory. We don’t often get opportunities like this. To stop and start again.