Expected changes in slots in 2020

When you look at a slot machine, or an online version of a traditional slot, you might not think much has changed, apart from of course, the fact that you can now play slots online – and even on the go using mobile gaming apps – whereas this would never even have been a consideration just a few decades ago.

But the way the games are played and the way that people win does seem to have stayed the same for over a hundred years, ever since the first slot machine was put into a bar in the late 19th century. However, further investigation shows that plenty has changed, and there is a lot more in the pipeline for 2020. 

Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality is an exciting innovation that was once something only the very wealthy could enjoy in their own homes. Everyone else had to go to casinos or arcades to get a slice of the VR action. As might be expected, the fact that these creations can be made much more cheaply now means that they are available for people to buy just as they would any gaming equipment, and many serious gamers (and some not so serious ones) have VR headsets and controllers at home. 

So why not use them to play online slots? This is the newest idea coming out of the game developers’ studios, and it seems to be catching on. This is the perfect combination of online slots and traditional machines, meaning that people can play much more realistically, pushing buttons and pulling levers instead of clicking a mouse, and still stay at home in comfort. For fun and convenience, VR has it all. 

Cryptocurrency Slots 

Cryptocurrency is not yet as widespread as it is sure to be one day (perhaps one day soon), but due to the news stories about how much money people could make investing in bitcoin (which is just one type of cryptocurrency, and the one that most people are aware of), more and more people have started to use it. Its main benefit if that it is not controlled by any government, but is centralised, meaning that there are no exchange rates to think about. 

Another benefit is that cryptocurrencies are secure – much safer than a bank transfer or using a card, for example. They use complicated codes that are automatically generated and make hacking into an e-wallet almost impossible. Plus, when using cryptocurrency you don’t have to pass across any contact details – you can do it anonymously. 

Online casinos can see that this cryptocurrency is a growing trend, and even if it isn’t widespread right now, the likelihood is that, in a few years, many more people will be using it – eventually perhaps everyone will. So there are some online casinos that are already set up to allow people to pay using cryptocurrency, and more are following suit. 

Cross Platform Slots 

At the moment, you can play online slots via a laptop or on a mobile device, depending on the casino, the game, and the app you are using. Although these are good ways to play, they are also limited. 

New ideas for 2020 include cross platform slots which can be played on any platform you want to use, including your Xbox and Playstation, or perhaps even your smart TV.