What are the Top 40 most satisfying DIY jobs?

With many of us finding we have a bit more time on our hands during the Coronavirus lockdown, now’s the ideal opportunity to get round to doing those DIY and outdoor jobs we’ve all been putting off.

According to a new survey, mowing the lawn, jet-washing the patio and polishing surfaces until they shine are among the most satisfying DIY jobs, according to Brits. Putting the finishing touches on a final layer of paint and digging out troublesome weeds also appeared in the top 10. Organising a chaotic toolbox, filling in holes with polyfilla and smashing down a wall were other tasks featured in the list.

Others love cleaning paint off a paintbrush and seeing it run down the drain or stripping wallpaper.

Kev Smith, from Draper Tools, which commissioned the research of 2,000 adults, said:

“Brits’ love of strangely satisfying DIY jobs goes to show the joy you can get from a spot of home improvement. As we’re spending more time indoors, it’s the perfect opportunity to tackle some of those little jobs you may have been putting off.

“But be careful if you’re meant to be working from home – the hypnotic pull of operating a jet washer or using a paint roller can mean you lose track of time – and your inbox.”

The study also revealed other jobs that bring satisfaction include fixing wonky floorboards, and hammering nails into wood. Almost a quarter also enjoy the freeing sensation of getting started on a plain wall with a paint roller.

Just under a third of adults (31 per cent) have spent time watching ‘oddly satisfying’ DIY videos online, like filthy patios being slowly blasted clean. The same amount also believe DIY is one of their favourite ways to relax and switch off from everyday life.

In fact, during a typical week, the average Brit spends more than two hours watching DIY programmes, with three in 10 finding them ‘relaxing’.

They’ll also take nearly three days off each year to tackle DIY that needs taking care of around their homes and gardens.

However, with the majority of the population now working from home, seven in 10 feel the next three months will be the perfect time to start a new project. A quarter of Brits plan to clean their patio, while just under four in 10 have some garden weeding to attend to.

Almost three in 10 want to tidy their garage or shed, and 15 per cent are planning to go through their toolboxes and sort them out. Inside the home, one in six have pictures they want to frame and hang, while a quarter are going to paint whole rooms.


1. Planting seeds, bulbs or plants
2. Mowing the lawn
3. When flatpack furniture slots perfectly into place
4. Weeding
5. Jet washing the patio
6. Painting with a roller
7. Hanging up a picture perfectly
8. Painting a fence
9. Painting the final layer of paint
10. Oiling a noisy hinge
11. Stripping wallpaper
12. Filling in holes with polyfilla
13. Polishing surfaces until they shine
14. Fixing something with glue
15. ‘Cutting in’ – perfect lines when painting
16. Getting wallpaper perfectly lined up
17. Trimming a hedge perfectly
18. Getting a shelf perfectly lined up
19. Hammering nails into wood
20. Smashing down walls
21. Using a drill
22. Organising tools
23. Successfully removing a screw which has lost its thread
24. Using power tools
25. Sorting through a massive pile of screws/nails and finding the one you need
26. Using a tape measure
27. Sanding wood
28. Sawing wood
29. Varnishing furniture
30. Cleaning paint off a paint brush
31. Fixing a crooked shelf
32. Laying grass seed
33. Using sealant
34. Cutting a tile so it fits perfectly
35. Plastering to a smooth finish
36. Laying grass turf
37. Planing wood
38. Fixing a wonky floorboard
39. Perfectly laying a patio
40. Watching paint dry

Chris Price