5 ways to create an inspiring work space at home

As much of the nation adjusts to working from home, ensuring you remain in a positive and productive mindset is essential. Luckily there are some really simple, yet effective, things you can do to create a work space that will put the ‘homely’ into working from home….

Here, Clare Moreton, photo expert at CEWE, shares her top tips on how you can create a positive, personalised work space that will help you feel uplifted whilst working from home.

Incorporate items that boost wellbeing

If you’re not used to working from home, setting up a make shift space in your spare room or at your dining room table can lack that personal touch. To transform a somewhat dull and empty space, there are some really simple additions you can make. Embracing nature is a proven way to help boost your wellbeing. Try adding some freshly cut flowers from your garden or a succulent plant to help you feel uplifted. 

Making sure you feel comfortable and at ease in your working environment is key and nothing quite calms and relaxes you like a candle burning softly. Why not incorporate your favourite scented candle into your make shift work space to help you feel cosy and calm? A further nice touch to help boost your wellbeing is to sit by the natural light, ideally near a window to let in some fresh air every now and then. This is a sure way to help you feel uplifted and refreshed as opposed to sitting in a dark secluded space.

Take the time to get organised

Being organised can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Invest in a notebook and start each day by writing a to do list that you can keep in your work space. This will give you guidance and a daily schedule to follow – helping you feel organised and in a much more positive headspace.

In addition to organising your schedule, make sure you find the time to organise your work space in a way that will be practical! You’ll find you are much more productive and will have a more positive attitude if your desk is tidy. Remove all the clutter, keep documents stored in drawers or containers and only have out what you need, such as a notepad, pen and laptop.

Display photos of your favourite memories

Personalise your space by pinning up a few photos of loved ones that make you smile and help to boost feelings of happiness. Why not take the time one evening to find a selection of your favourite photos and print them out to display on your desk at home? 

A really creative and easy way to quickly do this is to hang photo prints on bunting and secure them with a clip. This simplistic way to display your photos couldn’t be easier as you can utilise products you’re sure to have in your home – some string or ribbon and loose clips can instantly transform your working space.

Inject a pop of colour

Whether it’s a bouquet of pink and purple tulips, a bold stripy notepad, a framed piece of art or a bright pot to hold your stationery, adding a touch of colour to your workspace will instantly make you feel uplifted. Our surroundings can definitely impact our mood, so if you are spending your working hours in a space that’s dark and lacking colour – you may find you end up feeling a bit gloomy and deflated. Adding just a small pop of colour to your desk can instantly help you feel more perky and brighten your mood!

Surround yourself with inspiration

Working from home can sometimes leave you feeling a bit deflated and you may find you’re in need of a little boost. Surrounding yourself with things that inspire you can really change the atmosphere of your work space and your mindset. Find something that inspires you such as a quote from someone you admire, a book that you read that motivated you or a photo of your family and keep it on your desk so you can glance at it each time you need a boost.

Why not go the extra mile and create a memo board? This is a really effective way to brighten up your working space at home and make you feel more uplifted. You can pin quotes that inspire you, happy memories that make you smile and even post it notes to help keep you motivated and on track with your to do list! A really handy way to remind yourself of your tasks and boost your wellbeing.


Chris Price