Bang & Olufsen upgrades Beoplay E8 wireless earphones

Bang & Olufsen has announced its new-generation Beoplay E8 true wireless earphones. More compact and powerful than the previous model, the new Beoplay E8 3rd Generation earphones have been re-engineered to bring significant improvements, claims the manufacturer.

The new Beoplay E8 earphones address consumer demand for enhanced comfort, better call clarity and more battery life. The Bang & Olufsen engineers have used 3D-modelling and consumer testing to make sure that the Beoplay E8 fits a larger variety of ear shapes and sizes.

The size of each earphone has been reduced by 17 percent, weighing only 5.8 grams per piece, and the more compact size and optimized design allows Beoplay E8 to fit smaller ears and is even more comfortable and natural to wear. 

Boasting up to 35 hours of playtime, Bang & Olufsen has optimised battery life in the Beoplay E8 by 119 percent compared to the previous model. The earphones have up to seven hours of continuous playtime and four full charges built into the premium leather wireless charging case. This means that many users can go up to several weeks before charging the case, which is done in two hours.
Bang & Olufsen has also doubled the number of microphones from two to four to achieve a beamforming technology directed towards the mouth. This makes sure that the voice is delivered seamlessly while suppressing ambient noise from the environment. The increased number of microphones also improves the Transparency Mode, which allows you to listen to your surroundings with a simple tap on the earphone.
Beoplay E8 comes wrapped in a leather case with wireless charging that lets you take Beoplay E8 with you all day, and the earphones fit perfectly into the leather case with a secure magnetic click.
Beoplay E8 3rd Generation will retail for £300, available from
Chris Price