What Is the Purpose of a Stud Finder

Sometimes, during repair works additional tasks occur which are difficult to do without special tools or equipment. However, is you are not going to do any repairs, they might be suitable for other purposes, which we will talk about below.  For example, let’s find out what is the purpose of stud finder and how it can be used for domestic purposes.

What Is Stud Finder?

This is an indispensable simple tool, which will be a perfect acquisition for homeowners. The stud finder was designed to search nails and screws hidden in the walls, as well as define the place with wiring inside. It works with a battery, scanning the surface and detecting iron and wooden elements.  It has several detection signals — including light and sound. The tool scans materials on a certain depth, which is usually defined by its factory properties. To get more information about a certain gadget — read stud finder reviews online by following the link.

What are the Purposes of It?

There are many possible situations where stud finder may be useful:

  • Hanging a picture on the wall;
  • Constructing things from the wood;
  • Assembling a cupboard or a wardrobe;
  • Hanging a TV;
  • Repairing a roof;
  • Mounting ceiling, etc.

This tool is multifunctional and prevents breaking caused by repair and assembling works. What items may do this job for you? The whole version is available at jons guide.

Our Selection

1) TS-78B Metal and Wood Detector

This is a portable detector of metal, wood, and electrical wiring. This scanner can detect the presence of metal, wood or electrical cable at a depth of 20 mm. The ergonomic design and small dimensions provide maximum convenience during operation of the device. The sound and light indications will help to determine the boundaries of obstacles (wood, metal, cable). The power supply is provided by one battery of the standard size. This tool is useful for decorating or installing fasteners on walls and will avoid damage to electrical wiring when drilling holes.

2) CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder

This model has a pleasant design and perfect dimensions. It doesn’t require batteries and has very strong magnets. It takes a little time to understand the layout of a standard wall, but when you do find a stud/nail/screw, it’s easy enough to work out what lies beneath. It might take a bit of searching but you can be totally confident you will hit ferrous metal.

3) Zircon Stud Sensor e50

This tool will easily find every single stud or nail on your wall. The ability to know when you are on the edge of the nail is really useful — it really does help you when mounting something in the wall (especially by yourself). The finder successfully warns you of any voltage detected behind the wall, and this is an excellent safety feature.

In Conclusion

Paying workers for services for repair works is not always necessary. Sometimes, it can be done by yourself. For example, it doesn’t require special knowledge and skills to hang a TV or to assemble a table. Do it yourself and save on repair expenditure. The Stud Finder is a universal tool to help you do the repair tasks.

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