The Best Racing Games to Fill Your Family’s Stockings This Christmas

F1 2019

If you have a Formula One fanatic in the house, then this is the best option for you. Formula One games are released every year, meaning that this version has the most up to date cars and racers for you to choose from. There’s a great single-mode campaign that allows you to race a full Formula One season, battling to have the most points after numerous races. There’s also a great multiplayer and online racing format that lets you race with people from all over the world. You can even race in Formula Two cars, as well as the Formula One cars, to mix up the style of racing in the game.

Gran Turismo: Sport Spec II

This is the re-release of the very well-reviewed original released in 2017. This version includes lots of new options, including new cars and tracks to race on. Because the game has been out for a while, you can find it for half the price of the original game, and with the additional content, this makes it a great Christmas gift option for anyone that loves cars but hasn’t played it yet. There’s also some extra downloadable content that was added to the original game that needs to be downloaded for this game, too, so remember that you’ll need to wait for this to complete before you can play everything that this game has to offer. This PlayStation exclusive can be bought at its cheapest on the PlayStation store.


If you’re looking to buy a Christmas gift for someone who loves arcade games, then GRID is the best one on the market right now. This 2019 release is the first GRID game to hit the stores since 2013, meaning it has been six years since a new game was released. This time in development has paid off with a fantastic arcade-style racer, which has beautiful modern graphics that take full advantage of the current-gen consoles’ processing power. The game is great to play as well, which can be expected as Fernando Alonso, winner of two Formula Ones, was brought on to review how the game played to make it as authentic as possible. GRID is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, so you can play it no matter which console you own.

Need for Speed: Heat

If you’re sick of seeing your son look at snap-on pullers on the Internet then this game might help. The Need for Speed games are classic racing games that focus on street racing after the popular Fast and Furious films came out in the early 2000s. Since then, they have become immensely popular in their own right, with players taking part in drag races to get each other’s ‘pink slip’ – the rights to their car. In between drag races, you’ll find yourself escaping from the police and driving around the cities in the game with progressively faster and more kitted out cars. If you’re looking for a game for someone that likes to customize their car and add new wheels, parts, and sound systems to them, then this is the game to choose.