Why buy bamboo sheets over cotton?

The real question is, should you go with the good old cotton sheets? Or the recently popular bamboo sheets? It’s no wonder, bamboo sheets, duvets and quilts have gained substantial popularity across the world – they are anti-bacterial, eco-friendly and silky soft.

However, bamboo sheets are somewhat new in the market and most of us are not familiar with the pros and cons of bamboo. Let us help you make a better decision, check this compiled list of pros and cons of bamboo and cotton bedding.

Thread Count

Bamboo fiber brings the kind of exclusive softness that cotton does not. Cotton sheets claim to improve its softness after every time they are washed but it depends on the type of cotton. Even though a higher thread count guarantees higher softness in cotton sheets, the silkiness of the bamboo sheets will remain as long as you own them. Bamboo material such as Bamboo Modal has been called the “softest fiber” in the world.

bamboo sheets

The Feel

Even though bamboo sheets are super silky to the touch they are not slippery at all. This applies to other bamboo bedding as bamboo quilts, bamboo fitted sheets, bamboo pillowcases and even baby bamboo cot sheets. Instead, bamboo fiber is light in weight and extremely breathable. Due to its moisture wicking abilities, even in the highest of the temperatures, the bamboo fabric will not stick to the skin. The thermal regulating features of the bamboo sheets help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.


The durability of the linens depends on the thread count. Cotton sheets with a lower thread count are not as durable and they tend to tear easily. On the other hand, bamboo sheets are highly durable due to their naturally long fibers. The fibers are as long as the entire sheet even though cotton sheets are made by weaving shorter fiber together.

Health factor

One reason why bamboo sheets are popular among a large number of people is because of their health benefits. Bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and therefore ideal for sensitive skin. The moisture wicking abilities of the bamboo sheets help prevent the growth of bacteria and keep the sheets fresh and odorless. However, cotton sheets are not known to have many health benefits.

Coolness Factor

It is a known fact that cotton retains heat much more than bamboo sheets. Although there are cotton sheets that come with higher fiber thread and great breathability, they usually pair up with a hefty price tag too. The twill weave of the bamboo sheets ensures breathability and keeps you cool throughout the night.

Environmental Factor

Bamboo sheets are one of the fast growing plants on earth. Manufacturing bamboo sheets would not cause substantial damage to the environment since bamboo is a popular sustainable material. Bamboo has a lesser environmental impact compared to cotton and cotton uses a considerable amount of pesticides that are harmful for the environment and the human skin.


The comfort factor in the cotton and bamboo sheets becomes quite subjective. Compared to cotton sheets, bamboo sheets deliver an exceptional sleep experience with a sustained level of comfort. Cotton sheets, however, depend on the amount of money you are willing to invest in. lower the investment, cheaper the sleeping experience.

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