IFA 2018: ECOVACS unveils new window cleaning robot, the WINBOT X

ECOVACS ROBOTICS, a manufacturer in smart home gadgets and autonomous cleaning robots, has announced new products at IFA 2018 including its latest window cleaning robot, the WINBOT X.

The robot cleans windows wirelessly and is battery operated. With no need to rely on power sockets, the manufacturer claims it can clean hard-to-reach glass surfaces indoors and outdoors up to a pane size of four by four metres. The window cleaning robot has already won the Innovation Award at the CES show in Las Vegas. 

Whether tackling a greenhouse or an attic window, the robot is secured by a flexible cord which is attached to the disc by a suction cup, and communicates with the WINBOT via Bluetooth. In the event of issues with negative pressure, the system can thus react directly and protect the device from falling.

In action, WINBOT X first measures the surface to be cleaned and then selects the suitable cleaning route. The cleaning robot leaves clean, streak-free windows up to a size of four by four metres.

Says David Qian, President of the International Business Unit at ECOVACS ROBOTICS.

“The WINBOT X represents the next level of window cleaning technology. The robot can move freely on the surface to be cleaned without cables, even on frameless glass surfaces.”

ECOVACS ROBOTICS received the CES Innovation Award 2018 in the category Home Appliances for the revolutionary technology of WINBOT X at its world premiere in Las Vegas in January.

The award goes to products which are used in the home and have outstanding electronic functionality. The window cleaning robot impressed with its excellent product design and innovative technology.

Chris Price