Common Content Marketing Mistakes

It seems content marketing is all the rage right now and everyone is into it. You may think that the reason why so many people are into content marketing is because it’s easy, but that is not the case.

The reason why content marketing is so popular is because it offers better return on investment (ROI) than most of the other digital marketing strategies. However, most businesses aren’t able to make the most of their content marketing campaigns. The reason: they make too many mistakes with content marketing.

If your content marketing strategy is currently not providing you the results you expect from it, chances are that you are making some blunders. A few common content marketing mistakes are highlighted below to help you figure out what you are doing wrong.

1.    No Strategy or Plan

According to VM Interactive, one of the most common mistakes people make with content marketing is that they dive in without a plan. You should always have a clear content marketing strategy to craft content that will appeal to both readers and search engines.

Researching and learning about the needs, problems and demographics of your target audience can help you work out a powerful content strategy. You should also research your competitors to determine the type of content that is working for them.

2.    Content Holds No Value

If your content offers no value to the audience, why would they bother reading it? Every piece of content you craft should be valuable for your audience. It should be informative or solve the problem of your readers.

3.    Bad SEO Writing

The main purpose of your content is to provide value to your audience, but this doesn’t mean that you should ignore the search engines altogether. You should incorporate relevant keywords and write high quality content to get better rankings on search engine results. However, make sure that the readability of your content doesn’t get affected due to keywords.

Sometimes, keywords are stuffed into the content, which affects readability. Search engines penalize websites for keyword stuffing, so make sure that all your keywords appear naturally in the content.

4.    Unpopular Content Topics

The first thing your audience sees when your blog post appears in the search engine results is the title. If it isn’t interesting or the viewer thinks that it cannot offer them any value, they won’t bother to click on it read the post.

Therefore, you should never make the mistake of choosing unpopular and uninteresting topics for your content. You can see what topics are popular among your target audience by researching about their needs and problems as highlighted previously.

When you choose a good topic, people will know that it is worth their time just by seeing the title of your post. Make the title catchy as well. If the topic interests readers, but your title is not informative or punchy enough, people won’t click on it.

5.    Focusing on Sale

Content marketing is not like ads that shout out ‘sale’. The purpose of your content should be to teach and educate the audience. You cannot do that if you are focusing on sales. Thus, create educational and helpful content instead of promotional content.

Have you been making any of the above mentioned mistakes? If you have, rectify them and start getting the kind of results you expect from your content marketing campaigns.