Jabra launches wireless headset with built-in HIIT coaching

This week audio company Jabra has lifted the lid on its latest piece of tech, the Jabra Sport Coach. A headset that wants to be your personal trainer and your audio BFF.

Hot on the hells of Jabra’s popular Pulse earbuds, the Sport Coach has built-in motion sensing tech to give you real-time cross-training and HIIT feedback and coaching. The sensors are able to build a detailed picture of your workouts through a heart-rate monitor, motion sensor, pace tracking, distance tracking, step count and a calorie tracker.

The hardware teams up with the Sport Life app, which means your workouts can be stored, personalised and analysed whether you’re a beginner or already know a lot about fitness and how your body reacts to a lot of HIIT (that’s High Intensity Interval Training).

Given cross-training and HIIT are becoming really popular forms of exercise for time-strapped fitness fans, we don’t doubt the Sport Coach’s hefty price tag will be well worth it for those after short blasts of exercise and headphones that actually withstand a lot of movement.

The new Jabra Sport Coach headset will be available from Jabra.co.uk and Argos stores from the end of June for £119.99.

[Via Jabra]
Becca Caddy