10 of the best Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cases

We loved the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – so much so, it’s the best reviewed handset in Shiny Shiny history. With its beautiful curved screen, impressive camera, and superb performance, it’s not hard to see why. But if you splash out on a top-of-the-line smartphone, you’ll want to keep it safe. Here are 10 of our favourite Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cases for the job…

Olixar Flexishield Galaxy Samsung S6 Edge case.

FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy S6 Gel Case

Stylish and slim, this case has a non-slip coating for a secure grip and a raised bezel to save the screen, plus cut-out access to all buttons and ports. It’s been custom moulded for the S6 Edge, comes in clear, white, blue, black, and light blue as well as this gorgeous bright purple, and is a total bargain.

It’s £5.99 from Mobile Fun.


Samsung S6 Edge Clear View cover.

Samsung Clear View Cover

Working seamlessly with the S6 Edge, as soon as you open or close this cover, your screen will light up or turn off. But you don’t even need to flip it open: it gives access to your camera, music, and even lets you make calls while it’s closed. It’s translucent, so you still get a hint of the S6 Edge’s great design, but comes in a range of colours, from blue to gold, so you can customise it too.

It’s £49.99 from Expansys.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Power Bank case.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Power Bank Case

More than just a case, this can charge your phone too, so you’ll never have to miss an important tweet again. Click it on and you’ll have a built-in 4,200mAh battery backup, more than doubling the power of your phone. It was designed specially for the S6 Edge and even has a pop-out stand for when you want to give your hands a rest.

It’s £39.99 from Mobile Fun.


Krusell Malmö FlipWallet Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Krusell Malmö FlipWallet

This wallet-style case also has room for several cards, plus a pocket for notes and cash. It’s textured for a good grip and has an extra strong magnetic closure so it won’t flip open in your bag. In fact, you can even talk on it with the lid closed if you like. It’ll keep all your ports and buttons clear, and can also be used as a stand.

It’s £24.99 from Expansys.


Supcase full-body rugged holster Galaxy Samsung S6 Edge case.

Supcase Full-Body Rugged Holster Case

This case was built for heavy-duty use, so it’s ideal if you want to stay connected on a camping trip or at a festival. It’s well-cushioned in case you drop it, and ports are covered to protect against dirt and dust. A built-in screen protector prevents scratches and you can even clip it to your belt (although maybe limit that look to outside city limits).

It’s £16.99 from Amazon in white, green, pink, black, or blue.


Verus blue Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge case.

Verus Thor Case

Made from several thin layers of TPU in a high-quality polycarbonate shell, this case is designed to protect against drops while remaining slender– so it should slip into your pocket or bag easily. It offers easy access to controls and ports, and in electric blue with a pearl effect coating, it looks fantastic, too.

It’s £19.99 from Mobile Fun.


Spigen Slim Armor Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge case.

Spigen Slim Armor Case

This case has improved shock absorption technology in case of impact, especially at the top, bottom and corners. Buttons are covered but easily accessible while the ports and camera are left uncovered for ease of use. It also has a pop-out viewing stand and is finished with a UV coating so it’ll stay bright white.

It’s £14.99 from Spigen.


Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge protective cover case.

Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Protective Cover Case

This slim but sturdy polycarbonate case was designed to be flexible and impact-resistant: so it should protect your phone in case of drops and knocks, and also ensure the case itself sustains minimal damage. It has a textured back for a great grip, cut outs for the ports and cameras and looks great in black, gold, coral, green, or mint (pictured).

It’s £24.99 from Mobile Fun.


Ballistic Tough Jacket Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge case.

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case

This case has sturdy three-layer protection to ensure your phone stays safe. It’s also made with Ballistic’s patented HexTec Technology, featuring raised lips and corners to protect the screen, so if it’s dropped from any angle neither your phone nor your sanity should suffer any damage.

It’s £24.99 from Amazon.


Sheer Glam Casemate Galaxy S6 Edge case.

Case-Mate Sheer Glam Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case

This glittery case is smooth to the touch but has a sparkly sheen (in ‘champagne’) that makes it stand out while also providing protection for your phone. Metal accents add a little extra glam.

It’s £24.99 from Mobile Fun.

Diane Shipley