8 Father’s Day gifts for your tech-obsessed dad: part two

Welcome to part two of our Father’s Day gift round-up, collected together with a tech-obsessed dad in mind. This time we’re looking at dads into health and fitness, tracking their steps and protecting their beloved tech.

5. Best for clumsy dads: Lifeproof iPhone Case


When it comes to durable and waterproof phone cases that also look stylish, you can’t beat Lifeproof.

Available from Firebox £69.99.

6. Best for dads who drive a lot: Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

Screenshot 2015-06-15 16.03.38

If you want to bring the Internet of Things well and truly into your dad’s car, then this is the gadget to do it. It’s an adapter and app combo that can do a whole host of things, like diagnose engine problems, tell you where you’ve parked and even alert friends and family in an emergency.

Available from Automatic Labs for $99.95.

 7. Best for dads into fitness: Fitbit Zip through to the Fitbit Surge

Screenshot 2015-06-15 15.54.22

It’s hard to recommend a Fitbit gadget, because the brand caters for people of all levels. From those who want a tiny tracker that can’t be seen that just tracks your steps through to a relatively bulky high performance tracker built for those who take fitness seriously. If you’re not sure, head for a mid-range Flex, but if you know your dad is going to be doing more than taking it out for a walk, the HR or Charge really are worth the extra cash.

Available from Fitbit.com for a range of prices.

8. Best for dads into health: Nutribullet 12 Piece Set


It’s not just health bloggers who are whizzing up all kinds of treats in the kitchen, everyone wants in on the action. And we bet if your dad is into health and fitness a bit he’ll have had his eye on a NutriBullet.

Available from Amazon for £98.99.

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Becca Caddy