Gadget Show Live 2015: Kito case lets you monitor vital signs including heart and lung functions via Apple iPhone 5/5S

Here’s a genuinely interesting product that we found at the Gadget Show Live at the NEC. It’s a health tracker case that enables you to monitor vital signs such as heart rate, ECG oxygen saturation levels, temperature and pulse rate.

Sensors are built into the case that take the readings from your fingers and transfers the data to the display via an iOS app. From there data can be shared with other people if you choose. Interestingly you can see your vital signs including a trace of your ECG on the display just as if you would if you were in hospital!

Although it’s probably not a good present for hypochondriacs, it’s great for those who want to monitor elderly people, such as parents and grandparents. Unfortunately the case is only available for iPhone 5 and 5S users right now although more versions are expected soon. It is expected to cost around £129 when available later this year.

Chris Price