Masque is a new anonymous dating app

If you’ve been meaning to dip your toe into online dating but feel hesitant about sharing your name and face and favourite TV shows for the whole internet to see, Masque could be the dating app for you.

Just launched by Indian tech firm Nimbuzz, it matches you with someone locally but allows you to chat anonymously. You can also send stickers and emoji and share photos, videos and audio messages that self-destruct after they’ve been opened. If you get bored or things get creepy, just one tap ends the convo, and you’ll never hear from that person again.

Although it’s sad to have to worry about being harassed on a dating app, simply not responding to a man’s message can result in abusive messages, and forget about telling someone you don’t want to talk to them. And yes, men need to stop being sexist, but apps also need to help women feel safer, and Masque could help to do that. It could also just be a fun way to keep a mysterious persona going for a little longer than apps usually allow.

Nimbuzz is one of India’s fastest growing tech companies and their messaging service of the same name has more than 200 million users. Last year, the company was bought by New Call Telecom, which plans to expand its success in the app market.

In the meantime, Masque is available for iPhone, Android and even Windows Phone.

Diane Shipley


  • I have used Tinder app for dating and felt good with the features involved in it. I was impressed with the main feature like location of the user and his interests, an algorithm will show the best matches in a Hot or Not style. I came across one such new app ie. masque and would make sure to give a try in use it.

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  • Personally I like a new site which is one of the free sites I joined. They are new so they don’t have a million members yet, but they were totally FREE and they do more then most pay sites, including criminal background checks on all that join.

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