Binge-watching TV is the most popular thing to do in bed (apart from sleep)

We’re pretty sure we could definitely think of something else we love doing in bed that isn’t sleeping, but it turns out that the most popular thing to do in bed is stream boxsets or TV programmes over the internet.

To celebrate National Bed Month (who knew that was even a thing?), The Fine Bedding Company surveyed 1,000 UK adults and found that 35% love a bit of Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones before nodding off.

Results of the survey also revealed that the average amount of time we spend in bed before actually going to sleep is 52 minutes – which is almost the same amount of time as two back-to-back episodes of Orange is the New Black.

Although 83% questioned claimed to love sleep, with 66% saying that it was more important to them than food, we’re actually getting less and less every year. The average amount of sleep is now 6 hours 28 minutes, compared to our grandparents’ generation who got a solid eight hours every night. This is probably, partly, down to the fact that, as some respondents admitted, it’s way too easy to just press play on the next episode rather than getting a good rest. Something we know all too well.

Aside from binge-watching, other popular bed-related activities included checking social media, writing emails or working in bed and online shopping. Surprisingly, only 4% said that they read in bed!

Sara Wadsworth, of The Fine Bedding Company, said: “It seems we are becoming a nation of binge-watchers, unable to wait another week for the next episode. Perhaps it’s time to bring a bit of balance back into the bedroom and try some sleep-enhancing activities a few nights a week.

Instead of switching on a screen; try some gentle yoga stretches, listening to soothing music or even meditating. There are lots of apps available designed to enhance sleep and can easily be listened to in bed, putting that mobile phone to good use.”

Hayley Minn