The next Pebble might have a colour screen

Remember last week when we pointed out that Pebble’s website was counting down to something? That countdown ends tomorrow, but some people think they’ve found what we’ve been waiting for: a Pebble smartwatch with a colour screen

9to5Mac claims to have found a render of a colour screen Pebble on the company’s own servers, which somewhat corroborates its previous claims that the company will be announcing a colour-screen device tomorrow. Supposedly, in addition to the colour screen, the new watch is thinner, wider, and comes bundled with the new version of the Pebble OS that we were promised earlier this month.

The new screen is apparently a variant of e-paper, meaning Pebble isn’t going to start throwing in touchscreens anytime soon. While some people will be disappointed by that, 9to5Mac claims that it means the colour model will have the same 7-day battery life as its predecessors.

We should be finding out for sure once the countdown ends at 3pm tomorrow, but until they we can’t really confirm anything. After all, this render could simply be an unused concept for all we know.

Tom Pritchard