Some sort of Pebble announcement is happening on 24th Feburary

A few weeks ago, Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky announced a renewed commitment to the world of smartwatches along with a brand new Pebble software platform. We weren’t given any sort of time-frame for said platform, but something Pebble related is happening next Tuesday and that could be the focus

Yesterday morning the official Pebble website was taken over by a timer counting down to 3PM GMT on Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately there’s no more information on the website that could tell us what Pebble is up to. It could be gearing up to show off its new smartwatch platform, which is likely, or it could have something completely different up its sleeve.

How different? According to 9to5Mac Pebble has a brand new watch in the works, a watch with a colour ‘e-paper-like’ display, a thinner design, and a larger screen. This new model will apparently have a similar battery life to the existing Pebble smartwatches, but may come with new features like a microphone and health sensors similar to ones found in a large number of competing smartwatches.

9to5Mac’s sources have emphasised that a new Pebble will, most likely, not come with a touchscreen. They claim that Pebble may try and make up for that with a new operating system built ‘from the ground up’, which is what most people are expecting from its new smartwatch platform anyway.

Tom Pritchard

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