Get-Well Gamers is a charity that lets you donate consoles and videogames to children’s hospitals

If you’ve got consoles, games, tablets or laptops sitting around that you’ve been meaning to put on eBay, here’s an alternative idea: donate them to children’s hospitals through London charity Get-Well Gamers.

Sadly, kids’ hospitals don’t have much (or often, any) budget for play items for children, which can help keep their spirits up and give them something to do in the long hours on the ward.

Get-Well Gamers UK Director James Stewart explains:

“Having access to video games is of great benefit to children in hospitals. It helps them with pain management, encourages socialising with other children and can alleviate boredom. 

We want to be the Red Cross of hospital gaming: wherever there is a child in need of a video game in a hospital, we will be there.”

Get-Well Gamers lets you donate videogames and any type of console, accessory, laptop or tablet, as long as they’re working, safe and clean. If you’re in London, they can often pick up donations, or you can post them directly to the address on the website.

IMG_0644 (1)

A little girl plays with a donated Nintendo DS at St. George’s Hospital, London

Donations go to hospitals across England and Scotland, including Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and King’s College Hospital in London.

We think Get-Well Gamers is an excellent way to donate games that are gathering dust, and help unwell children at the same time. There’s your good karma for the week.

Main image: staff and patients at Evelina Children’s Hospital in London receive a donation from Get-Well Gamers.

Holly Brockwell