HelloFlo’s next video is for new mums

Given that it’s racked up over 30 million hits on YouTube since its debut last year, you probably remember HelloFlo’s ‘First Moon Party’ video. One of the funniest depictions of a girl getting her period ever, it introduced us to the term ‘Vagician’ and the concept of the uterus piñata. (I’ll take two, please.)

Of course, the aim wasn’t just to make us LOL – HelloFlo is a subscription service selling period care packages featuring tampons or pads plus treats like chocolate. But it was proof that making us laugh is a great way to make us feel warm and fuzzy about your brand.

And now, as Fast Company points out, they’re back, this time with a new service for new mums. The ‘New Mom Kit’ is full of products women who’ve just given birth really need, from nursing pads to extra rich moisturiser. So naturally, there’s a new video, too.

It’s called ‘Postpartum: the Musical’ and it won’t be released until 24 February, but they’ve made a trailer available now. Full of brutally honest lines like, ‘It sucks, I’m trapped. My ducts are blocked and my nipples are chapped!’, you’ll either laugh in recognition or double-check the effectiveness of your preferred form of contraception.

Diane Shipley