Pebble has announced a new smartwatch software platform

It’s taken two years, but Pebble has finally sold one million units — the first smartwatch to do so. To celebrate Pebble has renewed its commitment to the smartwatch industry, promising that more is coming. That includes new models and a brand new software platform.

Eric Migicovsky, Pebble CEO, says that the new platform isn’t going to be following the same formula as Android Wear and other similar platforms. He described Android Wear’s app-centric focus as being too much like having a smartwatch on your wrist, and the new platform will be following a completely different approach.

There are no hints on what might be included, but since Pebble has recently hired some designers who worked on LG’s webOS there might be some similarities between the two.

It’s not going to be easy for Pebble, especially given that the Apple Watch is due to be released in April. But the company’s products have proven to be popular choices amongst smartwatch owners with it’s low price and week-long battery life. If the refreshed platform works out, then it should help to keep Pebble as one of the top smartwatch brands.

Tom Pritchard

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