12 cases to give your HTC One M8 an update

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Voted as our Smartphone of the Year 2014; the HTC One M8 is an absolutely storming phone in every way. There was next to nothing we didn’t love about it when we reviewed it last year, and wouldn’t you want to protect something of that calibre?

We’ve found you our 12 favourite cases, including the much talked about official Dot Case, of course, to protect and beautify your HTC One M8.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 15.54.19

1) Emerge Case

This case may be flexible and lightweight, but it’s much tougher than it looks, with enhanced impact resistance and shock dispersion to protect it from any drops. We’re loving the geometric pattern too.

This case is available to buy from Case-Mate for £10.

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2) HTC Official Dot View Cover

The HTC Dot View case has been one of the most hyped features about this phone, mostly because it’s really cool, and unlike any case we’ve seen before. It’s a rubber-feel flip case with a matrix of dots that light up, and comes with an app, so you can see the time, weather, and phone notifications without opening the case or turning the screen on, as well as make phone calls using voice commands. There’s also a selection of themes you can use if you’d like the cover to show a pattern.

While the case doesn’t look like it’d do an amazing job of protecting your phone from a bad fall, it’s a pretty cool and innovative idea for those wanting something a bit different, and comes in four different colours too.

This case is available to buy from HTC for £34.99.

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3) Urban Amour Gear Maverick

While it’s not going to win any prizes for aesthetics, the Maverick will definitely protect your HTC One M8, with its armour shell, impact resistant soft core and HD Screen protector guards against scratches. It’s also feather-light to pick up, meaning it’s not going to add any extra weight or bulk on to your phone.

This case is available to buy from UAG for $34.95 (£22.74).

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gb39728_reveal_htcone_1_14) Griffin Reveal

If you like the look of your HTC One M8 as it is, and don’t want to cover it up, but still want some protection from life, this is the case for you. The thin shell adds little over a millimetre to your phone, but its slim rubber edges cushion and grip it.

This case is available to buy from the Griffin website for $24.99 (£16.26).

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Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 16.45.50

5) Encase Genuine Leather Wallet Case

If you want a practical case, this genuine leather one has three card slots, as well as space for your cash. Perfect if you’re just popping out and don’t want to take your entire purse out with you.

This case is available from Mobile Fun for £19.99.

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Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 16.59.30

6) HTC Official Double Dip Hard Shell

We love this two-toned blue case from HTC. Not only does it look really dreamy, it will protect your One M8 from scratches or bumps too.

This case is available to buy from the HTC website for £15.99.

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new_htc_one_case_sa_gold_1_17) Spigen Slim Case Armour

The Slim Armour case is perfect for completely protecting your phone from any bumps or scratches, without adding any extra bulk or weight. Plus, this champagne gold colour is so lovely and blingy, that it will definitely give your HTC One M8 that extra special look.

This case is available to buy from the Spigen website for $24.99 (£16.25).

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8) Speck Candyshell Case

This case may come in a girly colour, but it’s far from girly in personality. It protects against drops, scratches and impacts, and the rubberised inner lining extends to a bezel, which protects your screen if it falls face down, so you won’t need to worry about smashing it either.

This case is available to buy from the Speck website for $34.95 (£22.72).

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Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 17.20.21

9) Cruzerlite Wood Skin

OK, so these are technically skins rather than cases, but they look nice, and they just stick on really simply! They do also protect against scratches, but we wouldn’t count on them to save your HTC One M8 from a fall.

You can buy one from the Cruzerlite website for $11.90 (£7.73).

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Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 17.25.19

10) SEIDIO Ledger Case

The Ledger is a flip case designed for those that desire protection and functionality, protecting your HTC One M8 from scratches, abrasions, and impacts. The Italian Polyurethane flip cover offers a cloth-like texture and a soft microfiber interior that guards your privacy while, the interior card slot can comfortably hold an ID or credit card. There’s also a kickstand, so you can watch TV from your phone.

This case is available to buy from the SEIDIO website for $39.95.

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11) HTC Official Flip Case

This official HTC case is pretty simple, but we do really love this light blue colour. The flip case protects your One M8 from accidental bumps and scrapes, while still keeping it stylish.

This case is available to buy from the HTC website for £9.99.

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12) Ukamshop Dream Catcher Gel Cover

We love the dreamcatcher design of this gel case. It’s so dreamy, and will definitely make your HTC One M8 stand out from the crowd. Plus, it’s ridiculously cheap too!

This case is available to buy from Amazon for £1.69.




Hayley Minn