The Tactus Phorm case puts buttons on your iPad Mini’s display

Touchscreens are great for a number of things, but for typing you’re better off using a keyboard accessory. A new startup called Tactus Technology wants that to change, and it involves raising portions of the screen to create ‘buttons’.

Tactus is currently preparing to release its Phorm case, a case and screen protector combo that causes small ‘finger guides’ to rise out of the screen. They’re basically buttons, and the idea is that you can use them to guide your fingers while you’re typing to prevent typos.

Tactus claims that by recreating the sensation of touch, it allows users to remember where the keys actually are — just like a real keyboard.

The bubble-like buttons are activated by a switch on the back of the case, causing small bumps to rise up from the screen. This happens because the screen protector has a micro fluid panel, and when the case is activated it fills up small pockets of the display to form the buttons.

So far Tactus only has an iPad Mini version of the case available, but it promises that an iPhone 6 Plus version is on the way.

The Phorm is available for pre-order for $99 (£66), but that price will go up to $149 (£99) when it goes on general sale this summer.

Tom Pritchard