CES 2015: Netflix announces the Recommended TV Programme

LG and Netflix have been working together for some time now on bringing the best possible experience to consumers watching streaming services. Today Greg Peters, Chief Streaming and Partnerships Officer at Netflix, took the stage during LG’s CES presentation to talk about a new venture: the Netflix Recommended TV Programme.

The two companies worked together last year to bring ultra-HD 4K picture quality to consumers by streaming Netflix’s 4K content to LG TVs. Peters described watching Netflix’s ‘Marco Polo’ series on a 4K LG TV as ‘absolutely stunning’ and commented, ‘this is how our original series should be watched.’ To that end, Netflix will be awarding TVs they think offer a superior viewing experience the Netflix Recommended TV badge, although it’s not clear whether this will only apply to LG TVs or whether other manufacturers will be included.

Since streaming is the most mainstream way of getting 4K TV quality at home, Netflix’s seal of approval is likely to become the Oprah’s Book Club of TV selection: TVs bearing the logo are probably going to enjoy considerably higher sales than ones without. After all, if you’re choosing between two high-quality screens and one says it’ll give you ‘Orange is the New Black’ in Netflix-approved quality, that’s pretty hard to ignore.

Further details are thin on the ground at the moment (after all, it was LG’s presentation) but we’ll update when we know more.

Update: Netflix’s Greg Peters gave an almost identical speech during Sony’s presentation, which means other manufacturers will be included in the Recommended TV Programme.

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