CES 2015: The Braven BRV-Pro has everything you could ever need from a speaker

When you’re out looking for a set of speakers you generally look for things like sound quality, input methods, and maybe the look of the thing. If that’s your thing then the Braven BRV-Pro is bound to seem incredibly excessive, but it does have anything you could ever want out of a pair of speakers.

On its own the BRV-Pro is a Bluetooth speaker with IPX7 waterproofing (capable of survivng up to one metre in fresh water), with a 2,220 mAh battery, and a rugged design that makes it impervious to drops and dents. You can also use it to charge your USB devices, and stick multiple speakers together to amplify the sound. That sounds like a great piece of kit all-in-all, but the accessories are where the magic truly lies.

Not only can you buy an extra battery pack that holds an extra 2,800 mAh of power, you can also buy a solar panel, a Qi wireless charging pad to recharge your Qi compatible gadgets, and a glow deck that turns the speaker into a mini lantern. If that wasn’t enough you can also buy a GoPro compatible action mount for all those time you feel it necessary to attach a GoPro to a stationary set of speakers.

The Braven BRV-Pro and its many accessories will be going on sale in the second quarter of 2015. While we don’t have any UK specific prices right now, it will retail in the US for $150 (£98). The accessories will cost between $30 (£20) and $50 (£33) each.

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Tom Pritchard