The Misfit Flash will be able to control smart home devices

The Misfit Flash is an incredibly useful fitness tracking device, what with the six month battery life and waterproofing. Misfit has announced that you’ll also be able to use it to control devices in your smart home.

Apparently the Flash will be compatible with various product and services. This includes the likes of IFTTT, Nest thermostats, August smart locks, Logitech’s Harmony API, mobile apps, as well as Misfit’s Bolt lightbulbs.

Since the Misfit Flash only has a single button, interaction is going to be rather limited. Misfit has said that the Flash will be able to respond to single and double clicks, and it’s more than likely that you will be able to programme what pressing the button will do.

It’s interesting to see that a wearable, like the Misfit Flash, can be designed for one thing and then retroactively developed into something completely different. It certainly seems as though wearables might have a bright future as part of the internet of things.

According to Misfit the Flash’s new features will start rolling out this spring

Tom Pritchard