CES 2015: Misfit unveils Bolt, a colour-changing smart bulb

Misfit already WOW-ed wearable tech fans at CES 2015 with the news that it’s teamed up with Swarovski to make its always-on gadgets more stylish than ever. But it seems the brand is widening the net a little, because its big product launch in Las Vegas this week has been all about a lightbulb rather than a new tracker.

Meet the Misfit Bolt. It’s a new super smart, super connected bulb that aims to give the likes of the Philips Hue a run for its money. The Bolt teams up with the current Misfit App, as well as a new Misfit Home App so you can control a whole host of functions from your phone. We’re talking colour, softness and quality of light, brightness, alarm and sunrise functions and much more.

The Bolt promises to be a bit different due to its ‘gallery quality’ illumination, huge range of colour combinations and the fact it could well lsat a whole 20 years. There’s some cool integration amongst the Misfit ecosystem too, which means you can control some of the functions of the Bolt directly from your Flash gadget and it’ll sync up with the Shine and the Beddit too to sync with your sleep cycles. Nice, huh?

The device can be bought separately for $49.99 or you can get a ‘smart room’ package for $129.99 and both options are available to pre-order right now from the Misfit website.

It doesn’t surprise us that there wasn’t a new fitness tracking gadget launched by Misfit this January given that the Flash was only unveiled a few months ago. We’re not sure whether the Bolt will blow the rest of the smart bulb competition out of the water, but we are huge fans of everything the brand has been experimenting with over the past few years. Keep up the good work, Misfit!

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Becca Caddy

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