CES 2015: Sensoria’s smart socks can track your run

Why have boring stupid socks that tell you nothing when you could have smart socks that let you know how well you’re running? That’s Sensoria’s ethos, anyway, and they’re now showing off their fitness tracking socks at CES in Las Vegas.

Three pads on the soles monitor stride, cadence, and speed while you run, transmitting this info to a sensor in a cuff at the top of the sock via in-built electronic connectors. This info is shared with an accompanying app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone which will tell you how to improve your run and when you need new shoes.

The advantage is that socks are moulded far more closely to your skin than other fitness trackers, the disadvantage is general sweaty grossness and the fact that they’ll presumably wear out more quickly with daily use. They’re guaranteed for 35 washes, but your mileage may literally vary.

The cost is $199 (£132) for one pair plus cuff, and $59 (£39) for three more pairs. They’re not for sale yet, but you can get on the waiting list to be notified when they are.

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Diane Shipley

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