You can play with an interactive Apple Watch demo right now

Right now the word is that we’ll be able to get our hands on the Apple Watch sometime in March, but what if that’s too long for you to wait? You’re in luck, because there’s actually a demo you can play with online.

Made by the people behind the new iOS app Pipes, the demo lets users and developers try the watch’s interface for themselves. It features a copy of the watch’s home screen, and you can click on a number of different apps to load them up and see how they look on the smaller display.

Sadly the majority of the apps only load a static image, but a few of them do offer limited levels of interactivity. For example, the video player will play an introduction to the Pipes app and the phone app will play a voicemail message from the Pipes team.

It’s not quite the same as testing the real thing, but if you’ve been dying to get your hands on the Apple Watch it should help tide you over until you can get our hands on the real thing.

Tom Pritchard