TL;DR wants you to write emails in less than 30 words

Email is a very big part of our lives, and if you’re not careful you could spent all day trying to catch up on them all. TL;DR is an iPhone app that, as the name suggests, wants you to keep all those pesky words to a minimum.

Whenever you’re composing a new email, TL;DR encourages you to keep the word count of your email under 30 words. Those 30 words are then displayed to your recipient in bold letters. If you absolutely have to write a longer email, then the rest of the copy will be displayed underneath as regular text.

TL;DR also has a unique inbox layout, presenting your new messages in a feed similar to the one found on Facebook. The point is that you can glance at your emails and understand what’s happening without having to open them all individually. That is, of course, assuming the only people emailing you are also using TL;DR.

It also means that if you’re sending emails to a fellow TL;DR user, they’re more likely to pay the most attention to the initial 30 words — encouraging you to start keeping things short and sweet

The first version of TL;DR is available for iOS devices, and will be compatible with Gmail accounts. An Android app is on the way, as is support for Outlook-based email accounts.

Tom Pritchard

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