Microsoft is still working on Windows RT

All the Microsoft news might be focussed on Windows 10 right now, but other little bits and pieces have been revealed by the tech giant. One of them is that Microsoft isn’t ditching Windows RT, and still has at least one future update planned.

Windows RT was originally released as a cut down version of Windows 8 designed for machines using ARM processors — usually tablets. The problem is that, for a number of reasons, RT failed to really catch on.

Despite that Microsoft has promised to support Windows RT until January 12th 2016 (or April 17th 2017 for its own Surface tablet), and during a Q&A session at last night’s Windows 10 launch event it was confirmed that an update is coming.

The update will bring a limited selection of Windows 10 features over to RT, but Microsoft didn’t specify which ones were coming and when.

Since Windows 10 is designed to be a single OS for all devices, don’t expect to be seeing Windows RT heading onto any new devices. But at least people with devices running RT don’t have to worry about being left behind.

Tom Pritchard