WhatSim is a SIM card dedicated to WhatsApp

Using your phone abroad isn’t quite as easy as it is at home, and unless you grab yourself a local SIM while you’re there you have to double check your network’s policies so that you don’t get slapped with an obscene bill. But what if you could just use WhatsApp and not have to worry about all that?

That’s what WhatSim is for. It’s a SIM card completely devoted to WhatsApp messaging, and it works with 400 different networks in 150 countries across the planet. Better yet, it only costs €10 (£7.60) for a year’s worth of unlimited use and there’s no internet needed.

WhatSim works automatically, selecting the correct network for you to head on into WhatsApp and send messages to your heart’s content. That means you can keep in touch with friends and family back home, as well as people you’re travelling with,  without having to worry about bills, finding an open Wi-Fi network, or dealing with the hassle making sure your phone will work abroad.

The unlimited messaging is only for sending messages though. It is possible to send photos, videos, and voice messages through WhatSim, but you will need to pay for it. For that you need points to spend, and to get points you need to top up your account with a €5 (£3.80) recharge.

Frankly I think this is a fantastic idea, and should make communicating while abroad so much easier. I just have one concern, namely the fact that WhatSim only seems to be available as a basic SIM card. That means if your phone uses micro or nano SIM cards (which is most recent phones), you’re going to have to do some cutting.

You can buy yourself a WhatSim for €10 which will give you a year’s worth of messaging. After that year is up, it will cost another €10 to subscribe for another 12 months.

Tom Pritchard