The Jolla Tablet now has a bigger battery and more storage

Back in November we told you about the Jolla Tablet, the first ever crowdfunded tablet. Impressively Jolla managed to raise over $1 million within two days, and it looks like that money has been put to use upgrading the tablet.

The new Jolla is similar to the original, but the device’s battery and storage have been given a very welcome boost. The battery’s capacity has been given a minor upgrade up to 4,450 mAh from 3,300 mAh. The storage has been doubled from 32GB to 64GB, and the upgraded tablet supports microSD cards up to 128GB in size.

The downside to the microSD expansion is that any cards over 32GB that have been formatted for use with the Jolla will not be usable with Windows computers or devices. Apparently this is because Jolla hasn’t licensed Micrsoft’s exFat for the tablet’s Sailfish OS. There shouldn’t be anything preventing you from copying files onto the tablet and then transferring them to the microSD card, however.

Anyone who paid for a Jolla tablet in the original crowdfunding campaign can upgrade their device for an extra $25 (£17). Those who didn’t can still purchase the new tablet, and it’ll cost you $249 (£165).

Tom Pritchard