10 miniature medical miracles: tiny tech that could change our lives #HealthandFitnessWeek

Smartphones might be getting bigger, but smart medicine is only getting smaller and more sophisticated. From microchips that can diagnose diseases or control our fertility to scientific breakthroughs too tiny to see without a microscope, there’s an increasing number of impressive miniature medical miracles in development that have the potential to revolutionise healthcare in the next few years. Here are ten of our favourites…


Organs on a chip

Researcher and TED talk-er Geraldine Hamilton uses cells to build basic, working body parts on microchips, each of which functions in the same way as the organs in our bodies. (That’s a lung, above.) This allows her to study the effect of different medications, in order to accurately predict how they might affect someone, so it becomes easier and quicker to bring new treatments to market (or abandon research projects that will never work). It could make individually-tailored treatments a reality in future, too.

Diane Shipley