CES 2015: Whirlpool has created the Interactive Kitchen of the Future

CES has brought us tons of new technology to help home security this week, but Whirlpool has taken to the tech event in Vegas to imagine the future of a fully connected kitchen and laundry system too.

Starting with the centre of the home, the kitchen, Whirlpool debuted the Interactive Kitchen of the Future 2.0, a concept cooking environment where the backsplash (the wall behind the hob) and cooktop connects you to your social networks, favourite websites, and recipes for customised meal and guest planning, without added devices or books. The interactive backsplash also has personalised touch screens that enable you to live ‘chat’ with friends and family when you’re in need of some cooking help.

This Whirlpool kitchen also includes an oven that will turn on just in time to ensure dinner is ready, as well as a refrigerator that sends an alert notification when food is at its freshest. Pretty impressive stuff!

Jon Hall, senior brand manager, Whirlpool, said: ‘Whirlpool has thrived for more than a century because our innovations come straight from the heart of consumers. We’re committed to bringing to life technology with a true human touch.

‘We study how individuals give and get care, and never use technology in a product that does not provide a useful, real benefit to the person using it.’

Whirlpool seems to have thought about every cooking scenario possible too, with an entire suite of appliances able to predict and adjust every need and action. Displayed on the backsplash, the system auto-adapts to any surprises you might encounter while cooking, such as using ingredients already inventoried in your fridge, accommodating last-minute guests tracked via GPS, and even making wine recommendations based on the selected meal.

Aside from the kitchen, Whirlpool has also displayed its Smart Top Load Washer and Dryer at CES. This new top load triggers a quiet mode within the Whirlpool® Mobile app while at home, because we all know how loud washing machines can get! Users can also access custom wash cycles direct from Whirlpool Corporation engineers — including, for example, cycles for high-performance athletic wear, comforters, baby clothes, hand-wash fabrics and more.

Whirlpool has also found a way to turn your everyday chore of laundry into a beautiful act of kindness through the new Connect to care™ program on the Whirlpool® Mobile app. This program enables Smart Top users to automate donations to Habitat for Humanity with every load of laundry.

We’re pretty sure the connected home is set to be a huge feature of 2015, and we’re really excited about it. We’re thinking The Flintstones, but with robots rather than dinosaurs!

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Hayley Minn

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