CES 2015: There are Chinese Apple Watch knock offs on show in Las Vegas

Chinese knock offs are nothing new. We saw some very bad Chinese clones of the iPhone 6 before it was released, and it seems that trend is continuing with this knock off Apple Watch.

The folks over at Mashable happened to stumble upon a booth belonging to Chinese company Hyperdon at CES. What they found was a very convincing Apple Watch clone. So convincing that, in fact, it’s difficult to tell that it’s not an official Apple product at first glance.

That’s a stark contrast to the fake iPhone 6, which looked more like an iPhone 5S. Heck this clone even has the right software design, and Mashable tested it to make sure the watch actually worked. Apparently it was perfectly capable of playing music and receiving phone calls.

The Hyperon rep claims that the watch will cost $30 (£20), and will be on sale in China and the US. Apparently she declined to specify where it will be on sale.

So £20 for something that looks and feels just like an Apple Watch? That sounds like a pretty great deal, though I can imagine Apple’s lawyers will be having none of it.

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Featured image courtesy of Mashable

Tom Pritchard

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