Apple might be ditching LCD screens in favour of OLED

For the last few years Samsung has been singing praises about OLED displays, saying how much better they are than traditional LCD screens. It turns out Apple might agree, because rumour has it that the company is moving onto OLED displays as well.

Foxconn is currently working away building a factory dedicated to manufacturing displays for Apple devices, and while the last we heard was that the display would be for creating sapphire glass, Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (via G for Games) claims that the factory will be used to make OLED displays as well.

The paper’s sources claim that the OLED displays will make their way into smartphones and wearables, suggesting that future versions of the Apple Watch will also benefit from the new displays. Tablets were not mentioned, but if Apple is going to stick OLED displays in the iPhone and the Apple Watch it makes sense that the iPad would also be getting an upgrade.

OLEDs in Apple products can only be a good thing. Not only do OLEDs provide richer, more authentic, colours, they use significantly less power than traditional LCDs. They’re also thinner and lighter, which as we know is one of the things Apple is focussed on when it releases new products.

It’s only a rumour, but it’s a promising one. Even if it turns out that Apple has no plans to switch to OLED displays just yet, it’s only a matter of time before it caves and makes the switch.

Tom Pritchard