CES 2015: Cubelets are a cute way for kids to learn robotics

Robots can perform brain surgery and make friends with penguins, so why wouldn’t children want to learn how to build them?

To make that task a little easier, Modular Robotics is showing off a new product at this year’s conference. Called Cubelets, it consists of interactive, interlocking, robotic blocks with distinctive functions that respond differently (for example, move in a different direction) depending on how they’re put together.

The company’s aim is not only to turn children into future brain surgeons/penguin experts, but to teach them skills like maths, reasoning, design, and perseverance while they’re having too much fun to even realise they’re learning. As well as being aimed at individual users, the company offers education sets and lesson plans for schools so robotics can become part of science lessons.

For everyone else, a six-piece starter kit is $159.95 (around £106) and a twenty piece kit goes for $499.95 (£331). Additional Cubelets and accessories are also sold individually and they’re all available to buy now via the website.

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Diane Shipley