CES 2015: Epson unveils a new line of RunSense fitness trackers

When we think of Epson, our mind immediately goes to printers and projectors, but, at CES, the company unveiled a new wearables line, Runsense, aimed at runners and fitness enthusiasts. While none of them are very pretty to look at, it does sound like Epson’s thought of absolutely everything when it comes to fitness tracking.

The Runsense line has three models, including the SF-710 and the SF-510, but the tracker that stands out is the SF-810, as it does everything the other two do, but has an integrated heart rate monitor too.

The 810 incorporates Epson’s exclusive bio-sensing capability, GPS tracking and motion sensing tech that allows the wearable to measure, analyze, compare, and share performance data. The display of the watch is scratch resistant and has four customisable screens that can show three measurements per screen.

What’s really great about the Runsense 810 is that it’s water resistant to 50 meters, meaning it can be taken with you when you go swimming. It can also measure heart rate, time elapsed, distance, pace, laps, intervals, speed and calories burned, all from the wrist.

Pricing will vary from $249.99, for the SF-510 to $349.99 for the 810. You can pre-order one on the Epson website, to be shipped in the spring.

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Hayley Minn