The BeoPlay H8 wireless headphones will last 14 hours without recharging

Don’t get us wrong, we love wireless headphones. The fact that the annoying long wire that gets tangled up in our coat doesn’t exist with them is amazing. However, the battery life on them is usually awful, especially when using Active Noise Cancellation, meaning we have to resort to bringing that wire out with us if we want to get an use out of them anyway!

This could all be a thing of the past though, as B&O PLAY claims that its new and absolutely stunning looking BeoPlay H8 on-ear headphones have 14 hours of battery life, with Active Noise Cancellation on.

What’s really got us interested in the BeoPlay H8 though, aside from the battery life, is the way that the headphones are controlled. By using simple tap and swipe gestures on the aluminium clad ear cup, you’ll apparently be able to answer calls, control volume, select a track or activate the Active Noise Cancellation feature – even if you’ve got gloves on!

Danish industrial designer Jakob Wagner, who designed the very light 255g BeoPlay H8, said: ‘With BeoPlay H8 we have made something complex simple and easy to use. It has been a focus of ours to use the right materials in an intelligent way, so you can concentrate on the listening experience while enjoying intuitive usability.’

We’re very interested in testing the BeoPlay H8, to see if its bold claims can live up to its bold and gorgeous looks.

The BeoPlay H8 comes in two colours, Gray Hazel and Argilla Bright, and is available to buy from the B&O Play website for £399.

Hayley Minn