5 New apps to watch in 2015: Veeemotion, Slack, Bubbly

This post is sponsored and written in collaboration with Veeemotion.

Now we’re a fortnight into 2015, it’s about time to start making predictions about the apps that are going to have us hooked and the startups to keep an eye on over the next twelve months. We’ve collected together some of the apps that have us excited, one that might change the way we watch videos, one that might make you more productive and awesome at work than ever and another to send ridiculous audio clips to your mates (we didn’t say they were all going to make history!).

1. Veeemotion: best for video-lovers, bloggers and creative types

Veeemotion (pictured above) is a brand new (it launched yesterday) video app that allows its users to film videos, add filters and music to their creations, and edit them in a format that’s much longer than what’s allowed in similar video apps.

The thing that makes Veeemotion stand out is that it makes it super easy to control who sees what. So you can share a video publicly, or suggest which specific group of people you want to share it with. This means it makes Veeemotion the ideal place to store crazy videos, like extreme sporting adventures and nights out with your mates, as well as family reunion movies with your relatives.

We particularly love the user experience within the Veeemotion app, which allows you to control content with swiping, features a very cool editing wheel and some of the best-looking fonts we’ve seen from an app.

You can download Veeemotion for free from iTunes.


2. Slack: best for being productive and keeping in touch with your colleagues

We first heard of Slack last summer, but it looks like 2015 is the year this productivity and collaboration app is about to sky-rocket! Slack puts all of your team’s communications into one place with real-time messaging, file sharing, one-to-one and group conversations. The app syncs up with a lot of other third party apps, like Dropbox, Google+ Hangouts, Twitter and Zendesk. The Slack user interface is bright, colourful and really easy-to-use, meaning it won’t be hard to integrate a bit of Slack-ing into your workplace.

You can download Slack for your iPhone, iPad or Android device for free.


3. Wish: for fashion lovers and shopping fiends

Wish is a little bit like Pinterest, but it’s built much more for shopping rather than aimlessly collecting a bunch of pins. What sets Wish apart is that it’ll serve up lots of recommendations about what you might like to buy based on the stuff you’ve been collecting together yourself and then allows you to easily purchase it all. Anything that takes the hassle out of shopping and even does half of the legwork for us will be a big hit in our books!

You can download the app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices from the Wish website.


4. Bubbly: for fans of Vine, bloggers and comedy lovers

Bubbly seems a little unnecessary, but we probably all thought that about Snapchat, Twitter and Yo in the beginning! It describes itself as ‘like Twitter and Instagram but for your voice’ and to be honest there’s not much else to say about it. You don’t just have to listen to the voices of your mates either, but can also follow the ramblings of celebs and sports stars as the app takes off too.

Head to the Bubbly website to download the app for your iPhone or Android phone.


5. Spacetag: for adventurers and those that miss Foursquare

If you were a big fan of Foursquare, and you’re just getting into Swarm, then you might also like Spacetag. It’s described as a ‘location-based virtual world’, which basically means you can visit locations and then add thoughts, rants and photos based on where you go. You can create a backlog of what you’ve left and also see the social additions of others too. We’re not convinced by location-based apps, but this one might make it all a little bit more fun and less stalker-y!

You can download Spacetag for your iPhone or iPad from the iTunes store for free.

Becca Caddy