The Google Maps app just got a bunch of new features

Google Maps is the go-to app for an awful lot of people, and thankfully Google’s latest update is going to make users’ mobile mapping experience ever so slightly more convenient.

The update, which went live on Wednesday, includes five key features that users should definitely be checking out.

The first is the option to filter your restaurant searches by the type of cuisine, so you no longer have to be sifting through all the Italian restaurants when what you really want is tapas, or sushi. You’ll also be able to see weather conditions in cities all over the world, which is handy if you’re planning on travelling anytime soon.

Directions have had a pretty hefty update as well, so now you can share them with other people at the touch of a button, as well as now being able to attach them to calendar entries so you know exactly where you’re going, and when. More importantly, however, is the fact that you no longer need to type in locations to get directions. Instead you can drag and drop pins onto the map to denote your start and finish points, meaning you have much greater flexibility with the route you actually end up taking.

In case you haven’t got Google Maps on your devices, or you haven’t updated to the latest version yet, you can get it on both iOS and Android.

Tom Pritchard