Watch Windows 10’s Cortana in action

It’s long been rumoured that Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant would be making the jump from phones to desktops, and while Microsoft has yet to 100% confirm her inclusion in Windows 10 we have a video from WinBeta that shows Cortana in action.

Just don’t expect to see anything as extensive as the mobile version just yet, since this is clearly an early-stages version of Cortana with basic functionality. Things like voice commands, Skype control, reminders, and calendar updates are all present, but there’s no sign of any sort of personality that virtual assistants are known for.

While some Google Now functionality did make its way into Chrome earlier this year, so its not like Cortana is the first virtual assistant to migrate from mobiles to desktops. That being said, since she isn’t universally available yet having Cortana in Windows 10 will open up the possibility of far more people using her to accomplish everyday tasks.

I don’t think it’s going to take long for Siri to make the jump to OS X, so expect talk of virtual assistants to heat up in future.

Tom Pritchard

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