A man returned a stolen Android tablet because he didn’t know how to use it

Next time you’re out wandering the shops looking for gadgets to pilfer for yourself, make sure you understand how they work, ok? One man in Sunderland actually returned a stolen Android tablet because he couldn’t get it to work.

Apparently Chris Hoonson saw the tablet in the Window of the Jonny Kennedy store and thought that it would be a nice addition to the rest of his things at home. There was just one problem, for some reason he couldn’t get the thing to work. It’s not clear why, so it could be because he’s completely tech illiterate, or he’s so used to iOS that the prospect of using Android was baffling.

Eight days later and Hooson tried to donate it back to the shop. That wasn’t particularly clever because he then ended up being arrested and taken to court over the incident.

Hooson claimed that he had forgotten the tablet was in his bag, and returned it when he realised his mistake. The Judge was having none of it and ended up fining Hooson £75 for the incident. The tablet itself was only worth £50.

Moral of the story? Don’t steal. But if you have to steal make sure you know how something works before you do, and even if it’s broken don’t take it back to the scene of the crime.

Tom Pritchard